Deep cleaning your bathroom is both necessary and refreshing and an important task when moving. This task will need to be done at your old and your new location, so let’s see if we can make it a little easier with a plan of attack.

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Cleaning When Moving Out

Deep cleaning the bathroom(s) at your old location should be one of the last things you do since everyone from your family members to the moving crew will need to use it. At this point all of your belongings will be packed and out of the way.

One thing to remember is to pack you a bathroom “care package” for use in both your previous home and your new home. This will include your dental hygiene, hair and bathing products. It should also include bath tissue, towels, washcloths and any other items you regularly use in grooming yourself and your family.

As always, begin from top to bottom when cleaning. This means, get the cobwebs out of the ceiling corners first. Next you should tackle the walls making sure to remove any nails. Wash down the walls with an all-purpose cleaner, making sure to thoroughly clean the baseboards and the entry doors on both sides as well as the cabinet doors.

Clean the light fixtures, removing any fingerprints and other built-up dirt. Windows should be cleaned inside and out, paying close attention to the metal framing around the windows themselves as well as the window sills. Before moving on to the next step, replace any burnt out light bulbs.

Now we move on to the tub and sink. Basically, you can clean these two areas with the same all-purpose cleaning product you have been using for your walls. However, if you have a build-up of soap scum, try this method suggested by Bob Vila:

“Combine equal amounts of vinegar and water into a spray bottle, then add one tablespoon of dish detergent. Spray the solution on the soap scum, and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes. When you return, scrub it with a soft-bristle scrub brush, and rinse with hot water.”

Clean your toilet with a good disinfectant such as Lysol.

Your mirrors and window panes can be finished of with a combination of vinegar and water in a spray bottle, taking care to wipe them down so there are no smudges on the glass. I find that a clean hand towel is best for this.

Most bathrooms are tiled, but should you have carpet on any area of your bathroom floor, you should save cleaning that until last. Otherwise, ditto on the tiled floor…save it till last. Thoroughly sweep then mop the tiled floor from back to front (front being the location of your exit door).

Keep your bathroom cleaning kit for the new house.

Cleaning When Moving In

For the most part your new location should have been cleaned prior to your moving in. That said, it is always a good idea to do a “once-over” cleaning just so you know for sure all germs, bacteria and grime are GONE FOR SURE!

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