There are many reasons to make a home inventory list. You may be in the market for homeowner or renter’s insurance; filing a claim of loss or damages due to natural disaster or theft and/or vandalism; or for financial assistance or tax purposes during times of a crisis. It is also a good idea to have an inventory of your belongings whenever you move to a new location. Whatever your reason, there are ways to streamline this project into a manageable task.

You should decide whether you want a handwritten hard copy list in a notebook or a computer program such as Excel. Even easier would be one of several apps available for you to use directly from your phone.

Here are a few apps to get your search started:

  • Sortly [] Free or paid premium version available for both iOS and Android

  • Magic Home Inventory [google play store for Android], also free

  • MyStuff2 Pro [] free, with in-app purchases.


Start your inventory by singling out one section of your belongings at the time. For instance, start in your kitchen and break that down further to dinnerware, cookware, utensils, glassware, etc.

A short, concise description of your item is necessary in order to identify your item properly. Basic information to include would be any important identifying marks such as serial numbers, maker’s marks, etc.

Along with identifying marks, you should also snap a photograph of your item. If it is one of many, take a shot of the stack, group or any other collection-type possession. Then you can take one additional close up photo which is representative of the pattern, color or texture of the group.

This process should be repeated throughout your kitchen. Then move to the bedroom closet where you should identify your clothing, shoes and other apparel then proceed slowly and methodically throughout your home until your inventory is complete.


  • Electronics (including TVs, desk computers, laptops, mobile phones, DVD or CD players, vinyl players, speakers, appliances, gym equipment, bicycles and other sports equipment) should definitely include any model and serial numbers along with a photograph of the item.

Collections to identify would include:

  • Jewelry: as you know there is a vast difference in the value of costume jewelry and collector’s items. You are the judge of this. Even costume jewelry, if it is handed down in your family can be priceless. These items should be photographed and listed in your inventory.

  • Books (try the app for Library Things to help list these []. Then make a note in your inventory list of where your book inventory is located.

  • Vinyl Records: you can catalog your vinyl records on an Excel spreadsheet. Here is a great Youtube video to assist you in this endeavor []

  • Art collection: You surely want to photograph all your art pieces (whether it is personal art that you created or else art you have collected).

  • Arts and crafts supplies: these items can be expensive. If lost or damaged, it would take a lot to replace them. Things such as drafting supplies (rulers, triangles, mechanical pens, drafting table, etc), craft tools and various blank canvases, art paper or even paints and varnishes, should be listed.

Furniture identification should include brand, color and/or patterns as well as any defects that are present.


When documenting your household belongings with a photo/video backup, it is a good idea to try and embed that image along side the description instead of trying to take a bunch of photos and then trying to match it up to your inventory list at a later date when you need to use it for collection purposes.

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