More than ever, the use of social media is becoming necessary in today’s world, especially since the pandemic outbreak. It is now the way most of us connect with our loved ones, with our children’s educators or even purchase some of our most essential of items. The use of social media as a means to both communicate and navigate is likewise helpful when you are planning a move.


When trying to prepare for a move, the first thing that you will do is decide where to move. Social media is useful for this in that you will be able to find others that live in the areas you are researching and glean information from their opinions. No one likes to talk more than those who post on social media. It is the reason for the various platforms… to communicate. Many people post about the happenings in their neighborhood, about shops and schools that are nearby as well as happenings within the various organizations or religious groups to which they belong.


There are several social media platforms to choose from.


The most famous and widely used is, of course, Facebook. Most cities will have their own Facebook page where you can navigate the various happenings surrounding that geographical location.

Likewise, most real estate agents have a Facebook page, which can further advance your search for a new location by helping you to locate and view a particular home you may be considering.

Don’t forget that Facebook Marketplace can also be a great place to sell some of your unwanted furniture and such.

More to the point, moving companies also have Facebook pages. There, you will be able to review the various companies in order to decide which company would best serve your needs. Use the following link to go to the Facebook page for Interiors for Seniors [] in order to review their services.


Most people associate Pinterest with a place to find and store pictures. But did

you know you can also find pictures and even videos on Pinterest that are helpful for your move? Simply navigate to Pinterest and type in moving, moving tips or any combination of words that are associated with moving. You will be directed to pages of tips and hacks to help you organize, pack, and even checklists to send you on your merry-moving way.


Yep, you guessed it. Varagesale is a play on the words “virtual garage sale.” Within the site, visitors are offered a set of search filters: 1) What you are looking for and 2) the location.

In order to join Varagesale, you will

  • enter your location,

  • connect with Facebook to get verified (a safety to ensure you are who you say you are)

  • Transact with others in your location to buy or sell.


Nextdoor is akin to Varagesale. It is another of the many sites that are trending towards neighborhood-specific social media sites. Nextdoor works in almost the same manner as Varagesale as far as signing up and services offered.

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