Is your pet your closest confidant? Pets certainly know how to keep a secret, that’s for sure. But that fact doesn’t mean they don’t know how to express themselves. Our pets have hopes and desires that they are constantly trying to communicate to us. This is where the pet and owner interactions begin – with our trying to figure out our pet’s language. In turn, we enjoy them in such a way that this interaction develops into friendship. This is why we have a pet in the first place. For love, affection and friendship. Some even declare that their pet is their best friend.



Our pets are there for us on a daily basis. You might refer to them as your roommate. Unlike roommates, however, they have a schedule that they like to keep and you have to keep it with them. This schedule includes when they want to be fed, when they want to sleep, when they want to run and play – with you. If you live alone and without a pet that has their personal agendas, you might not have that sort of stability in your life. They are rather like a little shepherd that leads you through the day with their various and peculiar needs and habits. This translates to a fuller life for you, the owner. This particular interaction is what cultivates the love and bonding required in any time-tested friendship.

Sure, your pet can be a pest at times. Every pet owner knows this. However, most do not feel their pet’s annoyances are enough to toss them out the door. Just like with any human child, pet owners are willing to go the extra mile for their pet’s idiosyncrasies. A recent survey of approximately 2000 cat owners showed 90% declared their cat provides them with better mental health.


Love is an important contribution to one’s mental health. Love is the key to happiness or so I have heard. Though ‘Love your Pet Day” is on February 20 (quick mark that date down), I say that every day is “love your pet day.” That is because, with pets in your life, love is always there. And who doesn’t want to be loved. And with pets, their love is unconditional, unlike many humans that we know.


At times, just knowing you are not alone can be a great stress deterrent. When you feel lonely and weary of life, all you need to do is look over at your pet and all those feelings go away. You realize that not only are they there for you, but your pet needs you in order to survive as well.

In short, our pets give us purpose by allowing us to focus on something other than ourselves and our problems.

My pet is not just my pet.

My pet keeps me sane. My pet makes me happy. My pet is my therapist. My pet is my best friend.


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