A person may decide to purchase a large heavy safe for many reasons. They may have a large gun collection or expensive, but easily portable musical instruments or art. Whatever the reason (or content), if you have a large home safe, you definitely want to know how to move such a monstrosity. Unlike a small portable safe, a larger safe must be difficult to not only enter, but must also be heavy enough so as to prevent a thief from easily carrying it away to another location.


An entry-level gun safe can weigh between 200 - 600 lbs. Thereafter, a mid-range safe weighs in between 600-1,000 lbs. and high-end safes are between 1,000 – 1,600 lbs. As you may have surmised, the weight of a safe increases with the degree of safety it provides.

So how to move something that may be the size of a refrigerator which typically weighs between 180 to 360 pounds, but up to almost ten times as much? Unquestionably, you will want to hire a professional for this. This is a good idea, not only because of the extreme heaviness, but also for safety. Moving a safe may take two or three people.

Protecting Your Safe Contents During A Move

Before the move, you will want o remove the items you store in them and find a temporary and safe place to store them in the interim. This is especially needful if your safe contains anything flammable or explosive. It is also important to remove your safe’s contents to protect them from any damage throughout the move.

First, take an inventory of your safe’s contents. Second, keep your small content such as jewelry and important documents with you. For these items, you may want to consider the purchase of a small portable safe. Some portable safe entries use a key as a pass while others may have a lock that works remotely. Consider the purchase of a small tracking device to tuck into the portable safe as an extra measure of safety. Third, relocate your larger items to a storage facility for temporary storage. Last, get moving insurance.

Moving Your Safe Takes Planning and Manpower

Be sure to let your movers know you are moving a safe ahead of time since it is best to have a truck with a lift rather than merely a ramp. This will also alert the movers to the need for “extra muscle” so they can send the proper amount of help.

Your safe should be wrapped in moving blankets which then should be secured with wrapping tape or some sort of stretch wrap or film.

Next, the movers will use a dolly to transport the safe safely across your floors. The moving blankets wrapped around the safe also ensures your walls and doorways won’t be damaged throughout the move.

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