One of the perks of living in a retirement community is the ability to use a golf cart, either for the nearby and attached golf course, or else instead of using a car to get around within the community itself. However, this convenience of golf cart ownership has its specific requirements when attempting to move it outside of the community to a new location. Interiors for Seniors offers Golf Cart Relocation Services!!

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If you are moving locally and have access to a large bed truck and a ramp, you may have a simple solution. Use some sturdy tie-downs and you are set. It is helpful to remember that you should back the cart into to the truck bed instead of driving it forward. This is because golf carts are heaviest on the rear wheels. Backing the cart in will reduce the weight you put on the tailgate.

Another alternative is a tow-hitch with an extended trailer with a load weight of 2000 lbs. I have also heard that a 5’ x 10’ utility trailer works well, too. Fact: the average golf cart weighs between 900 – 1050 lbs.


If you are moving a long distance, you can use a motorcycle shipping company to have your golf cart shipped. Most, but not all, shipping companies will require that you crate your vehicle. The crating would come at an additional fee. Motorcycle dealerships have ATV crates that will work well for this purpose. They generally have a door-to-door service which means you don’t have to leave your home for the pick up or the delivery of your golf cart.

The top of your cart will need to be removed to meet the 58” standard height required by most shipping companies. After wrapping the top and securing it, it will then be stored inside the cart itself during transport.

Know that your address must be accessible for a tractor-trailer. If not accessible then try to arrange with the driver to meet you in a nearby location where you can drive your cart to legally and that has the proper space for the tractor-trailer.

Of course, the price for the shipping service will vary according the mileage incurred during the trip. Also, understand there are additional fees if your golf cart is not the standard size of 108’ long x 48” wide x 58” tall. You may find that after comparing the quotes of various shipping companies, all are too pricey. Then the alternative would be to sell your old cart and purchase another. The average price for shipping is about $1 per mile for 1 to 500 miles.


If your golf cart has no battery life, most carts have a tow-maintenance switch. Switch this to tow in order to either tow or push your cart.

Interiors for Seniors offers Golf Cart Relocation Services!!

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