“How did you do?” A touching poem from a client

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Every client Interiors for Seniors works with is special. There is always something unique about each move we do. Maybe it’s the eclectic furniture or the intriguing stories of their life. Tales of triumph and amazing accomplishments often regal our ears. When a move is finished, a feedback mailer is left for the client to complete.Recently, a lovely client sent this in the feedback mailer.

How did you do?

You left questions for me to answer and answer I will.

You were on time, you brought plenty of help, and yet, still…

The overall experience was great; I’m sure that’s what you want me to rate.

Rate your service? That’s a snap! You were fast, you were quick, you had everything

Wrapped in a jiffy. When you left, everything was quite spiffy.

I had doubts that it would all go in its places, until I saw all your smiling faces.

Even when the lights went out due to the storm, you kept on working and putting away.

Then the time came for you all to leave, all was well and it wasn’t even the end of the day.

I was very pleased and would call you again, only this is the last move before heaven.

So, my prayer is you all know where you are going when you leave this place.

And maybe we’ll see each other again, although this isn’t a race.

God bless each of you,


Beautiful field of flowers that a customr of Interiors for Seniors likes.
Carolyn has a love for flowers. A very rewarding move.


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