Before moving into your new location, you may want to consider changing the mood of it’s interior. How in the world can I do that, you might ask?

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Psychologist have long believed color can affect our mood. In fact, there is a whole branch of psychology dedicated to just that area, known as color psychology. This area of study also suggests that not only can color affect one’s moods, but it can also affect one’s feelings and behaviors.

Interior designers actually study color psychology and utilize their findings when working with clients to better meet there needs. This includes personal homes and medical facilities, as well as commercial use in restaurants and clothing stores.

So, the question remains. Why not your home?


Proponents of color psychology suggest the use of warm colors or earth tones for living room, great rooms and entry ways. This would include reds (which raises energy levels), yellow (which communicate happiness) and oranges (which can summon enthusiasm and excitement) as well as the subtler colors such as those on the brown color spectrum. The use of warm colors and earth tones in living rooms, great rooms or entry ways seem to encourage warm feelings which can lead to great conversations.


Reds and yellow also work well in your kitchen or dining area. It’s been said by color experts that the color red can encourage one to eat. Thus, your holiday dinner gatherings will be a hit in a dining area painted and/or decorated with reds. Also, if you looking to put on a few pounds, this would be a great color for your kitchen. Otherwise – well -- you may not want that particular encouragement, so you may want to use greens which can make you feel grounded, relaxed and naturally energized.


Color psychologists encourage the use of cool colors in a bedroom setting. Blues, lavenders and greens are a good bet here. This is because cool colors have a calming affect on you, which is the purpose of your bedroom, i.e. to relax and rejuvenate.

Think this: Reds will stimulate you and Blues will relax you.


Bathrooms are a place where we go to relax and clean ourselves. The perfect colors for this area of the home have traditionally been whites or warm colors which suggests pureness and cleanliness. Some great warm colors for bath areas are blues, turquoise and greens.


With all the uptick in electronic/computer usage, most of us have some sort of home office. There is also a current trend towards businesses allowing their workers to either work from home or have flex hours where they are allowed to work partly from home and partly from the place of their employment. The use of greens is great for your home office. Greens seem to encourage concentration, which is exactly what you need in an office setting.

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