Holiday Gift Ideas For Seniors

Choosing a gift for your older loved ones...what a great feeling to find the perfect gift! However, there are times when the perfect gift idea eludes you. If that happens, we would like to help. Here is a list of gift suggestions for seniors. Of course, choosing the appropriate gift will depend on the health, energy and living arrangements of your loved one.

Gift Certificates

Crafts Store

Fitness club



Hair salon

House cleaning

Pedicures & manicures




Crossword puzzles

Deck of cards (large print)

Puzzles (large pieces)


Music & Audio

Books on tape

Classical and big band music tapes

Family and friends news update

Music box

Old radio programs on tape

Talking or singing toy animals


Cardigan sweaters with large buttons

Dresses that open down the front

Pajamas, warm robes and yoke-neck nightgowns


Slippers and socks

Sweat suits with zippers

Gift Baskets

Hygiene and beauty items: moisturizers, perfumes, compacts, soaps, etc.

Potpourri, sachets, etc.


Grandma/Grandpa album

Framed family pictures


Reminisce magazine

Readers Digest (large print)

Special interest magazines

Shopping clubs


Computer tablet/iPad

Flowers & plants

Internet access / Cable TV

Magnifying light

Portable, cell, smartphone

Video call service

Safe devices: whistles, etc.

Small stuffed animals

Stationery & colorful stamps

Telephone receiver with volume control, large buttons

Video games, senior-oriented such as Wii

Transportation tickets

Senior loved ones often treasure gifts of your time and companionship.

Again, be aware of health, energy and living arrangements. Short (and frequent) visits may be preferred to long visits. If you cannot visit as often as you would like, you can contact churches and other organizations who visit seniors as a community service. They are happy to help.


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