Homesickness has been defined as “the distress caused by being away from home,” a

“longing for the familiar.” In short, homesickness occurs because you are “out of your comfortzone.” Know this to start with: being homesick is a normal reaction to leaving a place you are familiar with and love. Here are several ways you can combat homesickness Most of the suggestions below should assist you in having a better understanding of your feelings.

If you have ever sat and looked over old photos or memorabilia and had a longing for a

return to that time, you have just experience nostalgia (a synonym for homesickness). We all do this from time to time, and memories are great. However, after you move, this feeling of

nostalgia can overtake you to the point of distress. Sometimes, in the throes of this feeling, it is a good idea to remember the reality of what actually has been the actual historic situation.


You may remember that your old home was great, that you never had such a good time in your life, and that if you don’t return to that time, you will “never be happy again”.

Remember this. Homesickness can be alleviated by an attitude change. This is not to say

that you cannot have longings for your past, but it will not be beneficial for you to “wallow” in

the past. This is counterproductive to your happiness for the future and for your new homelife.

Most likely homesickness will not surface immediately. Rather, it may not arise until

after you have been in your new place for maybe a month or so. After you first move to your

new location, you were busy reorganizing and making your new location “feel like home.” Later on, after all the movers are gone, after your family has settled you in then you may begin to long for your new place, your old friends and the familiar.

It is certainly okay to be sad for a time. But it is also good idea not to allow yourself to be

defined as such. Remember, that homesickness is a situational and stems from one suppressing change. It is actually a form of anxiety and depression. Half the battle towards recovering from homesickness is to recognize that this is happening and to accept your new situation. This, of course, can take time.

In order to combat these feelings, you need to go about making new memories. First, it is

important that you “expose yourself to the new environment.” Don’t assume that your new place will never feel like home. Go out and find a new favorite restaurant, a new hobby store, or a park nearby where you can walk your dog. In fact, if you don’t have a pet, this could be a great time to adopt one.

Homesickness can also be combated by creating new friendships. There are certainly

others around you that would benefit from your past experiences and your current love and

interests for life. At times, homesickness can surface merely because you are bored. This too is a feeling that can be corrected by an attitude change. Tell yourself that this feeling is fleeting and will not last forever. My advice to you is to make a plan for your new location rather than leaving it to chance. Go up to a new neighbor and introduce yourself. You may just find that you moved in next to your new best friend.

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