In a perfect world, moving plans should begin approximately six weeks out from your projected move date. A moving emergency translates to a short-notice move. This means you need to double-down on your efforts to move.

However, at times an emergency move can be associated with a natural disaster such as a flood or a fire. At other times, an emergency move may be associated with a job transfer or even an eviction. Whatever the reason, a short-notice move can certainly be unsettling and stressful. As your mind begins to soar over the many tasks that need to be accomplished, be sure to start a list as the various details of the move begin to flood your mind.

Should you Hire a Mover to Help or Do it Yourself?

You should begin by locking down the date of your move and hiring a moving company to assist you. Unless you have a lot of time on your hands and a crew of friends amassed to assist you, a moving company seems like the best plan. Know that a short-notice move can be more costly when hiring a moving service, so you must weigh out the options.

Moving companies are more equipped and able to coordinate and move a person in record time then the lay person. This is especially true if you have any heavy furniture or valuable items that need special care when packing. Be sure to make your decision on who you will hire by the quality of work they offer and not necessarily the price.

If you should opt to move yourself, you should begin by calling a moving truck rental company and getting quotes on the dollar amount of their vehicles. Once you decide which company, secure the date and purchase moving supplies such as boxers, packing tape and packing paper. It is also time to round up your friends to help you move on the selected moving date.

Regardless of your choice, you should also begin to prepare your home for a move by organizing your belongings. You can do this by getting rid of as many of your unnecessary belongings as possible, either by donating them, selling them or just throwing them away.

A short-notice move is not the ideal situation, but can happen to anyone at any time. It is important that you try your best to keep yourself stress-free and organized. By moving forward with your plans instead of allowing yourself to become overwhelmed with the task, you will find that you can make leaps and bounds in making this seemingly impossible move.

Of course, it is also important that you remain flexible in a short-notice move. This translates into your not being picky about the dates a moving company may have available for you within your given time-frame. Remember that a short-notice move will require patience on your part for it to be as smooth a transition as possible.

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