Moving can be tiring and, at times, frustrating. So why not head the ‘dark clouds of moving’ off at the pass? Here are some ways to enjoy your move and make the time go by more easily.

Music While Moving.


Music is always a great way to help in any task. Refer to the 2006 informative book on music and performance productivity, This is Your Brain on Music, by neuroscientist, Daniel J. Levitin. Levitin indicated music makes repetitive tasks more pleasurable and increases motivation and concentration.

Refer to our blog entitled Upbeat Music to Play While Packing for A Move for a playlist to refer to when you want to start your own playlist. This leads to another consideration. This moving playlist could be the backdrop to a moving video.

Moving Videos

Everyone could dress in a comfortable yet definitive character for their moving costume. Characters such as a favorite superhero or video game avatar is a good place to start when dressing up. Be sure your costume is close fitting so there are no straggly sashes or cumbersome parts that will keep you from being able to move safely. Or you could pick a theme such as pirates and the Captain would be the head of the moving party (probably mom or dad).

Enlist a family member to be in charge of production of a videotape of your move. Once the move is over, you can play it back at the after-move dinner for everyone to enjoy. Be sure the videographer understands they need to stay clear of the movers in this process.

After-Move Dinner Party

Once the family has completed the move for the day and the movers have cleared out, it is time for a nice sit-down dinner with the family members who participated in the move. This can be pre-planned (and it is best that it is) so that it is a one-two-three operation. Since you are moving it is also more convenient to purchase your dinner. You may just want to pick up a bag of burgers and fries, call in a pizza or have an order of wings and fixings from a barbeque restaurant. This would in accordance with what your pocketbook can afford. Of course, you can also get some lunch meat and lettuce & tomatoes for subs along with a few bags of chips for this.

While together eating, you can enjoy your new surroundings and perhaps sound off ideas for decorating while watching the fun moving video.

Plan The Unpacking Party

You can plan an unpacking party for the next day after your move. Enlist those who will fit the task to complete it. By this I mean, assign those interested in tools, sports, etc., to set up the garage or work at arranging your outside belongings.

Those with nimble fingers can be assigned to unpack your most precious bric-a-brac and place them on their shelves. Those with an interest in books can shelve their reading material. Remember, the after-move party is another opportunity to enjoy a meal with your family and those who so graciously offered to assist you in your move.

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