Throughout this pandemic, many of your first responders and medical personnel are out on the front lines, taking care of sick people. That is a commendable task and one that is not to be overlooked, so Kudos to you all.

thank you


However, there are many people throughout the world that are going about the task of taking care of the well people in the world. That would be mothers and fathers of families and grown children of elderly parents. Without these brave souls, families and older adults may not have supplies they need to survive through this pandemic. I am going to call this group of people the Unsung Heroes of the Pandemic.

In keeping with the order for all of those over 65 to stay at home, it is comforting to know that the children of these individuals are willing to go out and face the battle of the virus in order to help their loved ones.

It’s hard enough for an adult to try and comprehend what is taking place with this virus. How much harder for a young mind to understand it? This is why teachers are another group which belongs among unsung heroes. Though all the teachers are using the resources of the internet to teach our children, there are also those who have gone the extra mile to make things a little better for the children.

For instance, many teachers from schools around the country have banned together to have a car parade where they decorate their cars with balloons and slogans, dress up in funny clothing and drive through the neighborhoods of their respective schools. This is far from what is expected, and yet our teachers have a love for their students, our children, and I know that I for one appreciate all their efforts.

Individuals in some neighborhoods are starting a Teddy Bear Hunt. Stuffed animals are showing up in windows around neighborhoods. This is entertaining for the children in the neighborhood who are now searching for them while on a drive or else walking or biking with their family while trying to get some fresh air and exercise.


Many artist and performers are finding ways to contribute to the communities to make things just a little more bearable.


Hats off to Dolly Parton who will begin Goodnight with Dolly this Thursday at 7:00 p.m. EST on YouTube. On this weekly web series, Dolly will be reading bedtime stories for the young (and young at heart) for the next 10 weeks. She will be using stories from her international book donation program called Imagination Library. So if you have some kids or grandkids in your life, be sure and let them know about this.


Neil Gaiman and HarperCollins have granted LeVar Burton (former Reading Rainbow host) permission to livestream readings from their catalogs. Neil was quoted as saying” You have my blanket permission for any of my stories, LeVar.”

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