Halloween Spooky Fun

Halloween is a great opportunity for some spooky fun activities at your assisted living community. These activities can get your group together, encourage camaraderie, and give everyone a chance to enjoy some holiday fun. Beginning the end of September look online for fun activities. Interiors for Seniors has been servicing the assisted living community for over 10 years. During this time, we have witnessed some really imaginative decorations and projects. The joy and happiness these festive events bring to the residents is immeasurable.

Here is a fun list of activities to get you started.

1. Decorate pumpkins.

One of the best traditional crafts for Halloween time is making jack-o-lanterns. If you’re not sure about handing all of your seniors sharp implements, you can have a pumpkin painting day or give them sharpies to draw designs on the pumpkins.

2. Make spooky candles.

The lacy candles recommended by Elder One Stop are easy to make, made of cheap supplies, and won’t be a fire risk (they recommend flameless). They’ll add a nice bit of atmosphere to your facility.

3. Make decorative spiderwebs.

You can get together to make simple and cheap spiderwebs to hang around the community out of coffee filters. Throw in a little yarn and your residents will also have the option of creating larger cobweb decorations for the space.

4. Make spiral ghosts.

Some white paper, a black sharpie, and scissors are all your group needs to make these spinning ghosts. You can hang them around the shared spaces of the facility.

5. Decorative Halloween garlands.

For one more addition to your homemade decorations, you can task any interested seniors with making decorative Halloween garlands for your hallways. Here are some ideas of bat and ghost garlands and glow-in-the-dark ones.

**List provided by https://www.senioradvisor.com/blog/2015/10/halloween-activities-for-seniors/


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