Great American Smokeout

Cigarettes are responsible for the poor health and death of thousands of people daily across the world. Today is a national day to help bring awareness to the need to stop this habit. Many senior citizens, despite this knowledge, continue to smoke., No matter what age you stop, your health will begin to improve. Interiors for Seniors is providing this information to facilitate this ideal.

“Many seniors think it’s too late for them to quit smoking. The truth is that it's not only possible to kick the habit later in life, but doing so is accompanied by a multitude of benefits. The Great American Smokeout Event—celebrated this year on Thursday, November 16th—offers the perfect opportunity to set and achieve smoking cessation goals. Let’s take a look at this important observation, along with what caregivers can do to help seniors live longer, healthier lives by quitting smoking.”

“One of the most important things to remember is that you need to ‘want to quit,’” says pulmonologist Lazaro O. Bravo Jr., M.D. “Most patients attempt to quit for different reasons such as a spouse wanting them to or kids or because a physician says it’s unhealthy, but those ultimately fail.”

Dr. Bravo’s Tips to Quit Smoking:

  1. You have to be honest with yourself, and commit to quitting. Stop justifying your reasons not to quit.

  2. There is no such thing as slowly cutting back or socially smoking. Pick a date, and at that time throw away your cigarettes.

  3. Get help. Take a multidisciplinary approach to quitting. Refer to the “Here’s help!” box on the right.

  4. Seek support and cooperation from family and friends. Trying to quit around a smoker is difficult, at best.

  5. Don’t place yourself in situations where smoking is “acceptable.”


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