Grabbing the Bull by the Horns

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

It's never a dull day at Interiors for Seniors. Each client and job is unique with their own varied needs. Case in point, Missy recently went on a move for a gentleman whose taste was definitely of the Southwestern style. He and his late wife had collected some very valuable and beautiful pieces. Many were irreplaceable. Upon entering a job, the first step is to take a walk through with the client and have them point out the valuable and special items. At this time the client will show us the “special challenges”. This move, the “special challenge” wasn’t the numerous large, heavy ceramic vases or the oversized framed pictures. It was a MASSIVELY HUGE LONGHORN BULL SKULL WITH HORNS SPANNING MORE THAN FOUR FEET!!!!!!!

Bull skull
This picture hardly does justice to the massiveness of this Longhorn skull.

Throughout the move, Missy carefully packed all of the items in the house along with her assistant packer. They both cautiously avoided the elephant **ahem** bull in the room. Finally there was nothing left to pack. We started to assess what packing materials we had that would accommodate such a large item. Bubble wrap, various sizes of boxes, tape and a lot of patience were the tools selected for the task.

It took several attempts at configuring the packing materials to wrap this Longhorn. One clever spark of genius led Missy to the perfect wrapping idea. As we came to the end of the bubble wrap roll, we saw the interior cardboard tube was cut in two by the manufacturer. It was the perfect size to slip over the ends of the bull horns. You know what they say, necessity is the mother of invention!!

The Longhorn Bull Skull was successfully relocated and is displayed proudly in our clients new home!! Kudos IFS team!!


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