Okay, so listen up all you DIY and crafter-persons. This should not be anything new to those of you have moved, but kids and pets love boxes. Here are some things you can create for them from left over moving boxes

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A Backyard or Patio Fort for The Kids and Grandkids

Many of you may have memories of creating a fort outside in your backyard once the moving was complete. The most coveted boxes of all for building a fort are the oversized wardrobe boxes which measure from 24 in. (length) x 20 in. (wide) x 34 in. (tall) up to 24 in. (length) x 22 in. (wide) x 60 in. (tall). Even if you don’t have this size box left over, if this sounds interesting to you for you kids, you can purchase these boxes through U-Haul and other moving box companies.

There are many various dimensions for oversized boxes to choose from other than wardrobe boxes. So be sure to shop around for this. Other suggestions for finding oversized boxes are to ask at furniture stores or supermarkets. Be sure that your used boxes are free from odors and any residue of what was previously stored in them.

You will also need smaller boxes to complete a fort so gather several of these as well.

How to Make a Cardboard Fort

“Those who know” suggest you need two oversized boxes for the main area of the fort. Once you have all your boxes, you should reinforce any weak spots with strong-type tape so they are sturdier (such as packing or duct tape).

Cut the flaps on the top as even as possible then hold on to the cut flaps for later use. Careful that you don’t cut yourself with the knife. While you’re at it, also cut some cardboard to fit as a roof. The left-over flaps you cut off may also work here. This may take several pieces of cardboard taped together. Here you can begin to add color to your fort, if you like, by getting some various colored tapes (if using duct tape). It’s possible to cut triangles from the pieces to make gables for your fort.

Next cut a door for your fort. This will be a three-sided cut leaving one vertical side attached

Decorate your fort by painting or as previously stated, using decorative tape. For a step-by-step explanation of the above, refer to this link [].

Make a Cat Castle for Your Cat

Using the expertise that you gathered from making a cardboard fort (see above) you can also create a fun place for your cat. It’s no secret that cats like to explore, especially if it is something new to them. You will need plenty of reenforced openings for the cats to come and go easily.

Again, you can decorate your cat castle to reflect your taste and to have a “cat-themed castle”. You may want to paint a strip of flowers to imitate a flower garden with a bright sun shining down and birds flying above or resting on the tree you have also painted on your landscape. For more on this, check out this link [].

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