Trimming your holiday tree is both a special and personal event. When you make handmade ornaments, you are also creating a unique and meaningful memory. Try these easy to make decorations by yourself or with other family members for your holiday gifts or to decorate your home.

homemade ornaments


Supplies needed:

  • clear ornaments

  • broken peeled crayons

  • hairdryer

  • ribbon


  • Remove the metal stem from the top of the ornament, drop a few pieces of broken crayons inside.

  • Turn the hairdryer on high. Focus the hair dryer on the crayon inside the bulb and rapidly turn the ornament around as the crayons begin to melt. Since the ornament itself will be fairly hot, hold the ornament by the stem.

  • Swirl it around until you are happy with the desired design.

  • Replace the metal stem and add a decorative bow to hang on your tree


Supplies need:

  • Fillable plastic ornaments

  • Hot cocoa mix

  • Chocolate chips

  • Marshmallows

  • Sprinkles

  • Crushed candy canes

  • Ribbons to decorate

  • funnel


  • Sit the ornament on top of a cup or bowl to secure that it is sitting upward

  • Add your cocoa mix to the ornament as your base using a funnel

  • Add chocolate chips (holiday color chips and various flavors such as mint

chocolate chips are also available)

  • Next, add crushed candy canes

  • Now add marshmallows

  • Finally, add sprinkles on the top of the marshmallows

  • Place the ornament cap on and tie a ribbon to hang on the tree.

  • Decorate with more holiday ribbon for added flair.

  • Extra: tie a candy cane to the be used as a stirrer.


Supplies needed:

  • Pine cones

  • White paint

  • White glue

  • Silver glitter

  • White glitter

  • Ribbon

  • Needle and thread

  • Brown string

  • Small gold or silver bells

  • Hot glue gun

  • Scissors


  • Mix white paint with white glue (equal parts) and put in a bowl

  • Mix silver and white glitter together (equal parts) and put into a bowl

  • Dip the pine cone in paint/glue mixture by holding the pine cone firmly on the bottom and rotating for an even coating

  • Then dip the paint/glue dipped pine cone in glitter mixture by holding firmly on the bottom and rotating with a rather quick dip movement around the entire cone.

  • Let dry for a few hours.


  • Follow the directions in the above Youtube link to make a small bow using the ribbon and brown string to make a decorative bow.

  • Feed the brown string through the top opening of the bells, cutting the string with enough length in order to tie the bells to the center of the bow. Trim excess string.

  • Cut a length of brown string long enough to hang decoratively from the tree and fold in half evenly

  • Using the hot glue gun, apply glue to the both ends of the folded string

  • Next add hot glue to the bottom end of the pine cone and attach the glued brown string

  • Add more hot glue around the attached string where it meets the pine cone to better secure

  • Now add hot glue to the back of the bow you prepared and affix the bow to the cone snuggly next to the attached brown string.

These prepared cones may be used as a tree decoration or else to attach to a wreath.


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