Florida Council on Aging (FCOA) was founded in 1955. Up until that point in history, Florida only addressed subject matter associated with the elderly from a purely commercial point of view. The focus on the elderly at that time was confined to tourism and attracting senior citizens to retire to the Sunshine State.

When The Florida Conference on Social Welfare appointed a State Committee on Gerontology in 1951, it opened up the flood gates so to speak. According to the FCOA’s website, the Gerontology committee made its main objective to sponsor and encourage a commission to “organize, assemble, study and promote leadership and services in the field of gerontology for the best benefit for the people of Florida.”

Today, the Florida Council on Aging is “Florida's only statewide association that represents all aging interests and many different disciplines. Any individual or organization in Florida [that is] interested in aging should be a member of FCOA.” [https://fcoa.org/]

The Florida Council on Aging states that it is “committed to serving Florida’s diverse aging interests through education, information-sharing and advocacy.”

Recently, The Florida Council on Aging held its annual conference virtually. The information on that conference may be helpful in understanding the partnerships they have within the community. Follow this link [https://fcoa.org/Conference] There are numerous links on that page to organizations that are helping with things associated with aging individuals. From AARP to insurance companies, it will help you to see the various information available should you decide to attend the conference in 2021.


A new aspect of the Florida Council on Aging is their webinars. These are offered on a monthly basis on “Tuesday of each month through July 2021, and will be about 1 hour long. Registration is free for FCOA members and 2020 Virtual Florida Conference on Aging attendees. For all other registrants, we request a $15 donation to the Florida Council on Aging.” The following link will allow you to register.” [https://fcoa.org/Virtual_Education_Showcase]

Should you choose to be a member, follow this link [https://fcoa.org/join.php]. A handy brochure can be seen or else printed by visiting this link [https://fcoa.starchapter.com/images/other/FCOA_Broch_Single_2020.pdf] This brochure will outline to you the benefits of membership with Florida council on Aging. Somethings included are legislative updates, state-wide network with professionals in aging, advocacy information, AgeWise Newsletter, Annual Conference, and a membership directory. Retirees and students are only $25/year.


Among its resources are

  • Elder Helpline [1-800-96-ELDER].

  • There is also an additional helpline for those in the LGBT community [877-360-LGBT].

  • A specific hotline has been established for Elder abuse [1-800-96-ABUSE]

  • Resources associated with Alzheimer’s/Dementia

  • Medicare and Aging resources.

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