Five Reasons to Hire a Senior Move Manager

I haven’t met a person yet who enjoys the moving process. Picking a new house may be fun. Anticipating a new living area and new decorating possibilities is exhilarating. The drudgery of boxing up belongings, transporting them and unpacking them is daunting, overwhelming and exhausting. When thinking of downsizing, a Senior Move Manager can be of tremendous benefit. The wealth of knowledge that comes from moving thousands of time is immeasurable. Missy Donaghy, owner and operator of Interiors of Seniors, has been in the Senior Relocation Industry for over 10 years. She is a Nationally recognized Diamond Status Member with the National Association of Move Managers.

Here are FIVE benefits of hiring a Senior Move Manager when you are facing a downsizing move.

1. Familiarity with the downsize process – Downsizing can be considered an art. Knowing what items to keep and which to rehome can be overwhelming and difficult. Visualizing the new space and storage areas available is a talent developed by Senior Move Managers. A hands-on, full-service Senior Move Manager will come with all moving supplies, organizational tools and a packing team to make quick work of sorting, wrapping, boxing and labeling. The guesswork and tedium is removed and the client being relocated just sits back and watches or runs errands/goes out for a meal.

2. Problems that you never thought about can and will come up – No matter how carefully you plan, how many articles you read on a relocation move…something always arises. The only remedy for this to allow oneself to be prepared is to find someone who has gone through the trials and tribulations of moving many, many times. How do you safely transport a collection of hundreds of precious porcelain figurines? Can you take a grandfather clock with you? An extensive music set-up can be mind-boggling to transport. The avid baker might now know how to transport all of those necessary kitchen tools.

3. We know your floorplans – Interiors for Seniors works at the majority of the Retirement Communities in the Central Florida area. We have moved hundreds of clients into the very same floorplans you will probably move in to. This is beneficial because we know what works with the different types of furniture available. Missy Donaghy’s experience will help guide you to new home design visions you have not thought of. A common comment from satisfied clients is “You made my furniture look so much better than I could have imagined, like a showplace” .

4. Senior Move Managers are licensed and insured – In accordance with the requirements from state regulators and the National Association of Move Managers, Senior Move managers must be licensed and insured. This is important because if anything goes wrong along the way in the move, YOU are covered. If you move yourself, this may not be the case.

5. Downsizing and moving is complex – There are a myriad of factors involved when downsizing and moving. The various parts of the move must be orchestrated correctly or it quickly becomes chaos. If an adult child or friend is assisting in the move the complexity increases. If anyone assisting in the move lives out of town, another nuance of possible disorder is introduced. A great deal of patience is required when all of these various components come together, especially near the end of the move when all of the coordination is absolutely crucial. A Senior Move Manager breaks down all of these overwhelming tasks into a manageable step by step process.

Relocating and downsizing will likely be a very huge step in your life. Having an expert to hold your hand, giving comforting and well thought advice is a crucial part of an efficient and worry-free transition. Often time the retirement community of choice may give a stipend or rebate for hiring a Senior Move Manager. We at Interiors for Seniors offer compassionate, personalized services for the downsizing senior.

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