Many people today are expressing that they are bored. Bored from staying inside and not being able to conduct their lives as they previously did. Bored from the same hum-drum surroundings. Frankly, I have never been a person given to boredom. However, experts have defined boredom as a lack of mental stimulation. Sometimes one only needs a little boost in order to get out of a creative slump, So, let’s see if we can’t help find a new side of your creative self in order to combat this boredom and inspire you to have a greater vision for your future.

Journaling is a great way to kickstart your creative self. Not only can it be a way to keep your thoughts together, but it is also a way to set goals. This is especially true in the creative arena. Whether you aspire to be a writer, painter or artisan of sorts (carpentry, crafts, etc.), you can put your ideas in a journal. As you journal these ideas, you will begin to see the progress of your ideas as they develop within your mind.

Don’t confine your journaling to the bathroom. Rather, take your journal on an inspiring journey. The fresh air alone will be helpful in getting your creative juices flowing. Perhaps you have a nice spot on your patio or a nice bench by a lake nearby where you can sit and journal. Even just walking along a tree-lined pathway can give your inspiration. Later, after your walk, you can reflect on how your senses reacted as you strolled through nature.

  • Sights – while out, try to observe various shades of greens in the foliage around you. How blue is the sky? What are some of the patterns you can observe in the squirrels as they scamper up and down a huge tree?

  • Sounds – perhaps you chose to go to the beach and brought your journal. What was the difference between the sounds of the waves as they approached the shore and when they actually crashed against the beach?

  • Smells – again, if you are at the beach, how did the ocean smell? Was it fishy, salty, or was it a strong smell? You be the judge.

  • Touch - Don’t forget the sense of touch on your inspiring journey. How did the tree bark feel against your hand? What did the seaweed feel like when you picked it up? How did the ocean water feel when you touched it?

Simply reading about new topics of interest to you can prompt quite a bit of creative inspiration. A good book about a great personality can also boost one’s imagination merely by reading about their struggles and subsequent successes in their own attempts at being creative.

Many people give credence to the practice of “centering” as a means to finding their creative self. Centering can be accomplished through meditation. Meditation has been said to help one get in touch with their inner nature. As you meditate, you are also in a position to set your intentions for future endeavors. In this way, you become more mindful of your wishes and abilities to accomplish them.

Remember, as you arise each morning, tell yourself this:


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