If you are busy trying to figure out a great gift for your family members for the up and coming holiday season, I may have a solution for you. A Family Journal will give your loved ones a way to refer back to events in the past they may not even be aware of.


Family journaling doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to an account written in a paper journal, though hard copy accounts are a good place to start. Read on to find out how you can expand this concept into a satisfying pastime for yourself as well as a historical account of your family.


Sometimes called Grandparent Journaling, this type of journal is akin to scrapbooking; or at least it should be. It is journal that is for posterity’s sake. Think of the endless types of entries and contributions you could put into a journal of this type.


Photographs are a given when it comes to memories. Many of our photos simply sit in a box, stacked with no thought given to organization. They may not have a date or even a person’s name on them. How would your grandchildren know that a certain photograph was of their great grandmother or what the date of the photo was. While you still have that memory, it is a good idea to caption these images for future generations.


Memorabilia is a catch-all term for “objects kept or collected because of their historical interest, especially those associated with memorable people or events;” chiefly those things that are memorable or noteworthy. In short, they are those things that have sentimental value and are associated with an important event or person.

Though many items in this category can be associated with various interests (i.e. sport cards and other collectibles), family journaling archives (also known as family heirlooms) are generally associated with family keepsakes that may or may not have been handed down through generations.

  • Cards

We have all received numerous birthday and holiday or else special event cards within our lifetime. Many people just throw these cards into a box or junk drawer. However, think about the effort that went into the purchasing or even making of the cards that you have received from your family members. These types of cards are usually filled with an expression of their love and appreciation for you from the giver.

  • Pamphlets, brochures and ticket stubs from Events

These types of items serve to help you remember when you had outings together. Perhaps you attended a concert or a movie together.

Trips or other itineraries can also be included here.

  • Written word

Don’t overlook the written accounts and reflections you can put into your Family Journal. Your personal insights into these events will be treasured for many generations into the future. You can even enlist the help of your children and grandchildren for contributions to this journal as well as helping to put one together. Remember family journaling can be a family event as well.


In addition to a hard copy of your journal, you can also make a great presentation on Powerpoint. There you would be able to upload images of both your photographs as well as your collection of memorabilia. This presentation can easily be shared via email and eventually projected up on a tv screen for a great family get-together.

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