Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Many factors can go into the expense of a move. However, costly mistakes can be

avoided if you plan ahead. This includes avoiding the inevitable stress which lack of planning

may cost you emotionally. Here are a few ways to avoid expensive moving mistakes.

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  • Timing is a big issue in the cost of a move. If at all possible, you should steer clear of holidays, weekends, the first and last day of the month and even the peak moving season which is April through September. It has been estimated that 80% of movers occur during this time. If it is not possible to avoid this window of time, then you should plan on hiring a mover at least two months or more in advance.

  • Hiring a mover in advance is always best, since a last minute move may cost you more for the urgency of the move. Some say it’s best to start researching and planning for a move from 6 months to a year. Also planning ahead will give you time to budget your move into your expenses so you are not caught short financially when it’s time to move.

  • Not planning for additional expenses, sometimes referred to add-ons is another costly mistake. Furthermore, by not getting rid of items not needed or ones that you simply can’t fit into your home after the move can be costly. It will be less expensive if you get rid of unnecessary or unwanted items prior to the move instead of paying for the extra weight of things you simply won’t need. You will only have to turn around and pay an additional cost to move those things out thus paying twice for the same items to be moved.


  • Not hiring the right mover can be another costly mistake. Thinking that the cheapest is the best falls is one thing that falls under this category. Also, you should always hire a mover who can give you positive references. By checking a movers credentials one can avoid scam artists and such who, as we all know, are out there.

  • In addition, it is a good idea to find a mover who is experience in helping you with any particulars you may have going on in your life. Interiors for Seniors is experienced and specializes in helping those who may be moving from their lifelong home into a retirement community.


Be aware of all the terms and conditions of a moving contract and never ever sign an

incomplete document (one with blanks in it). Signing an incomplete contract is a recipe for

disaster in terms of a costly mistake.


If you feel it is not as expensive to move yourself and have decided not to hire a mover at

all, you should think again. While moving yourself may be an option for a large family with lots of strapping boys who also own a box truck and a trailer, most do not have these options.

A moving company is much more efficient time and money-wise. They have all the correct and needed equipment to make any move along with the proper know-how to move any item. They also have the manpower and the vehicles available to move you in a timely manner.


You should never accept a moving estimate by phone or through an email or text. Rather

it is best to have an in-home estimate so your mover is aware of the exact items they will be

dealing with in order to give you a proper estimate.

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