When in the process of moving, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and forget some of the more common things in life. Specifically, you don’t want to forget your “moving manners.” Moving, in and of itself, can cause an upheaval for all those around the immediate vicinity of your move. This is a good time to establish your presence in a positive manner.



When moving, remember that your actions will leave a lasting impression. It is a good idea to alert your immediate neighbors, on both sides of your relocation, of your moving date. So, remember these tips:

  • Inform neighbors of moving date. This is important especially if your moving truck will in anyway inconvenience their comings and goings

  • Likewise, be mindful not to block driveways and thoroughfares with your cars

  • Try to keep the noise level throughout your move down to a minimum

  • Ask your neighbors if there is a more convenient time in the day to move, so that your move isn’t interfering with their sleep, work or school schedules.

  • Keep boxes and packing materials contained as much as possible


On moving day, check that there are not any obstacles in the path the movers. This means that you should clear the doorways, hallways and paths to and from your home to the moving vehicle.

If it is a rainy day, you should put down materials to absorb the water to ensure you and your mover’s safety. A slip-and-fall is not fun for any person and it will clearly delay your move. A few extra old towels will also be nice to hand out to those having to go back and forth in the rain.

Rain or shine, you could provide some chilled bottles of water for all. If it is cold, it is nice to have your coffee pot available for a hot beverage.

Also, be sure to stock your bathrooms on both side of you move with toilet tissue, hand sanitizing soap and paper towels for drying. Try hanging a plastic grocery bag on the door nob for trash. This will be helpful for yourself as well as for your movers and they will very much appreciate your thinking of them in this manner.

If you have packed your own belongings, you should be sure to label the box Packed By Owner (PBO) and label the room in which they belong.


It is certainly within the realm of proper etiquette to tip your movers. Tipping is an expression of appreciation in many industries. The moving industry is no exception. The industry standard for tipping is 5%, though you may tip more or less, since tipping is neither expected or mandatory. If you do anticipate tipping, remember to get cash ahead of time.

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