Estate Sales 101

Interiors for Seniors has been holding Estate Sales for our clients for over a decade. With an Estate Sale, there is trust and money involved. Our company is fully licensed and insured to handle all of your details. Ask for referrals from some of our numerous satisfied clients!! Interiors for Seniors Estate Sales Expert, Lori, can help you through every aspect of the sale…advertising, sales and cleanout. We offer state of the art, secure, credit card purchasing capabilities and full accounting. Estate Sales are different from Garage Sales as they are run by professionals. Everything in the home is sold or disposed of and there is an accounting process. Estate Sales professionals will assist in pricing the homes items in a competitive and reliable fashion.

Estate Sales are run many ways. The process Interiors for Seniors uses is to mark items with a selling price as opposed to an auction. When you see an item you want to purchase, bring it to the sales area to be rung up. If an item is large, it will be marked as SOLD so it is not available to others for purchase and will be held temporarily until you take it to your vehicle. **Note the item must be picked up by end of the day of purchase** If you do not want to pay the marked price, Interiors for Seniors will accept bids. There is a possibility though that another person will outbid you and purchase the item. This is different from an auction in that we do not have an auctioneer and bids are first come, first served. Customers are responsible to move and transport their own heavy items purchased. All sales are final. Interiors for Seniors provides Secure and Encrypted Credit Card Processing, which makes the sale much easier. Many Estate Sales are conducted on a cash only basis which can make it hard to sell larger items, it also makes the accounting process more difficult.

Prior to the sale, Interior for Seniors’ Estate Sales Professional will meet with you to evaluate the items to be sold. They will walk through your home and ask you many questions about purchase prices, when purchased, rarity of the item and what you would be willing to accept for the item. Then the pricing process will begin. Using expert tools online and curators around town, valuations will be placed on the items to be sold. If there are not enough items in the home to generate a profitable sale, options will be discussed to help you dispose of the belongings. An Estate Sales Contract will be presented at this time detailing all of the particulars of the sale along with the disposal fees.

Interiors for Seniors Estate Sales generally start at 9 am, end at 3 pm and run for three days. The sale is a First Come First Served process where there are no items on hold. At the end of the sale, all items not purchased will be sold in bulk to a clean out company. The house will be left “broom ready’ and available to the Real Estate Brokerage to show for sale.

A general rule of thumb, if you have less than $5,000 worth of personal property value, you should either host your own sale, donate [your items] or do a combination of both. A sale of this magnitude can seem daunting, but with our expertise it will be accomplished smoothly and efficiently.

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