Election Day

Tomorrow American Citizens exercise one of their greatest rights and go to the polls to vote. A large number of residents in Assisted Living Facilities served in th armed forces or were military families and are highly patriotic. This time of year it is important to recognize the ways we can assist those we love to exercise their right. Interiors for Seniors has been serving the senior community for over a decade and we see first have the importance our clients place on this action.

In-Person Voting

Most registered voters are assigned to a local polling place where they are expected to go and vote on Election Day.

Absentee Voting

All states allow absentee voting. This is an ideal option for seniors and caregivers who can't easily leave their homes.

Early Voting

But caregivers need to plan ahead to make sure they meet the registration and voting deadlines in their area. The early voting period in most states generally starts around a month prior to Election Day and ends a few days before.

“Caregiving can complicate a number of basic activities that we often take for granted, such as voting in presidential elections. Even though this is only necessary every four years, trying to get an aging loved one to a polling place is difficult, if not impossible, for many caregivers. Fortunately, there are several different voting options available to ensure that people who can't make it to their assigned voting location are still able to participate in the election.”



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