Downsizing Your Bathroom Items Before a Move

Moving is a good time to toss those unwanted or expired items in your bathroom. You know the stuff I’m talking about. Those crusting soaps you were gifted 10 years ago and can’t bear to part with or the almost empty shampoo bottle you tucked away under your vanity when you were too eager to use the NEW/IMPROVED SHAMPOO you just found at Walgreen’s.

How about those things you DO want to keep? You may have a nice collection of make-up, expensive shampoos and conditioners, hair products or perfumes. I suggest you put these in a special “keep box” for your mover to pack.


Before you put any items in the “keep box” you will want to make certain:

The tops are securely tightened,

Tubes or bottles aren’t leaking,

Then place them in a zip lock bag.

Glass containers can be wrapped with a hand towel or wash cloth to protect them from breaking when moved.

Professional movers have stated “Some may think that just because a bathroom is the smallest room in the house it’s easy to pack. Once you begin the process of sorting and moving your belongings then you can see its complexity and just how much you have stored away.

That is why I have decided to break it down for you. Here we have 3 bathroom item categories to consider:


Medicines that are:

past their expiration date

have labels that cannot be read,

have NO labels at all

that are for treatments that have been discontinued or not completed

- - TOSS IT☺!



You will most likely want to keep your personal toiletries close to you for the transition (before, during and after your move). A nice tote can work for this only take the same precautions we discussed above in Packing Your Keep Box.

What you are keeping but do not deem personal and immediate toiletry items can then go into your “keep box” for our movers to pack and move for you.


Towels, wash cloths, bed sheets and pillow cases and even blankets/bedspreads generally fall under this category. How long have you had those linens? I know your taste are subject to change over the years. So maybe if you are downsizing, you may also be getting a smaller bed with new sheets and bedspread when you move. Watch for sales at the department stores for a new set of linens for the new you. How much fun is that! Anyway, you already knew the queen size bed wasn’t going be practical for a smaller living space.


For good measure, I’m also going to include laundry products here, since some of us store our laundry products in the bathroom. A good rule of thumb is: “If it mixes with water, it is water-soluble.” So then, items like bleach, detergents, fabric softeners, pre-soaks and pre-washes or all-purpose cleaners can be poured down the drain because they are water-soluble.


So “TOSS IT” doesn’t mean just throw it out for the garbage collection service to whisk away and add to the enormous piles of environmentally damaging waste.

Remember it’s important where you TOSS it. Another good rule of thumb is to simply ask the local waste disposal agency in your area about how to discard medicines, paint thinners and household cleaners. You can also call the manufacture on the product label and ask them about proper disposal of their product.

A nice idea for disposal of your discarded items is giving them to charities or women or men’s shelters. They may appreciate unopened items such as shampoos, body washes, or even make-up. Call ahead for their program policy.

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