Don’t Stress on Moving Day

Stress and moving go hand in hand. The average client who hires Interiors for Seniors has been in their house 20+ years. That’s a really long time to put down roots, make neighborhood friends and grow memories of children and holidays. One of the greatest benefits to hiring a Senior Move Manager is that they handle all of the stressful aspects of the move. Our company has made 1,000+ moves and has encountered just about every scenario imaginable. Here are some helpful suggestions to help you alleviate stress on this important day.

Get rid of the clutter. Begin a few months ahead of the move, if possible. Go slowly a room at a time and sort through each one. Begin to make determinations on what you want to take and what you can part with. Make sure to go through your closets to determine what you actually wear. If you have an extensive clothing collection, try to downsize by taking only the items you absolutely love and wear often. Be honest about when you will have the occasion to wear specialty items. Frequently when downsizing, the new closet space can be very limited. Finally, throw out or replace broken belongings. Be intentional about taking stock of what you truly need and what is just taking up space.

Create deadlines. Deadlines can help prevent your chores from building up. By committing yourself to goals like decluttering one room per weekend or downsizing and sorting for one hour per night you will see a lot of accomplishment.

You may feel uprooted. It is not unusual to feel uprooted for a few months after you move. Interiors for Seniors is a full service moving company which means we completely unpack your belongings after it is moved into your new home. Because you aren’t unpacking your own things it may take a while to locate your items. It is a good idea at the end of the unpack to take a bit of time and walk around with the packers so they can show you where all of your items were placed.

Protect Your Valuables. It is the policy of Interiors for Seniors that the client handle all cash, jewelry and prescription medications themselves. This is for the safety and security of your valuable items. We will remind you on move day to secure these personal items in your vehicle or take them to a safety deposit box.

So, stop worrying! You are in good hands when you hire Interiors for Seniors. The way to a successful, STRESS-FREE move is to make the call to 321-279-3301 for a free consultation.


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