Don't Be In Denial Regarding Retirement Needs

Most of us live our lives in somewhat of denial regarding aging and the future needs for retirement. Subsequently, planning ahead for retirement is not always on the top of our list. The fact is, most people wait for a situation to arise, such as poor health or merely find they are living in a situation not suitable for their particular aging needs.


Do you need to relocate from your lifelong residence to a retirement community?

One of these denials is the possible need to relocate from your lifelong residence to a retirement community. Understanding what options are available for retirement living arrangements is one key to helping you plan your retirement so you don’t find yourself behind the 8-ball when you get to that point.

Five Stages of Retirement

One study has shown there are five stages of retirement.

  1. Imagination – This stage usually occurs 5 to 15 years prior retirement. Most do not have a solid plan at this point. Rather, they only assent to the fact they will have this need. Statistic show 74% expect to enjoy retirement with only 44% at this point who claim to be “on track” with their retirement needs.

  2. Anticipation - This stage is just 0 to 5 years prior to retirement and one where most people claim to be full of excitement and hope. However, approximately 2 years prior, worry and doubt set in.

  3. Liberation - This stage begins at day one to the first year after retirement. There is a general excitement and relief from the stress of work. 78% enjoy retirement at this stage.

  4. Reorientation – This stage sets in two to 15 years after retirement with some reporting both depression and boredom.

  5. Reconciliation – This stage begins from 16+ years forward, with most reporting they are relatively content, less worried and depressed, but saddened by end-of-life issues.


With this information, we can see that planning ahead is vastly important in successfully coping with retirement issues, both emotional and physically. Most find their needs will be met by moving to a retirement community. With this decision, one needs to face the fact they must downsize.

Reasons to Downsize to after Retirement

Strong emotions arise within a person when they are faced with downsizing their lifelong possessions. However, if we step back and take a look at this, we find there are several unexpected benefits in downsizing to a retirement community.

  • Downsizing helps you get organized.

  • Downsizing eliminates stress.

  • Downsizing makes it easier to relocate.

  • Downsizing makes your daily life more accessible.

  • Less driving necessary in a retirement community

  • By downsizing, you assist your family by there being less of your belongings they will need to sift through as you age or pass on.

  • Downsizing allows you to have more time for yourself, with the elimination of excessive belongings you must maintain.

Interiors for Seniors has successfully relocated many retirees. We can help you plan for your future living arrangements by helping you to find a suitable retirement community as well as in downsizing your belongings.


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