You probably know that you shouldn’t pack your cell phone or cash on the moving truck when moving. There are many other things that should also be included in that list.

Moving Survival Box

When moving, it is best to create a moving survival box. This box should hold those things necessary for you to make it through the days leading up to, during and past your move. With your entire household packed up, you will find that your survival box is the thing you need to create comfort in spite of the topsy-turvy situation moving can create.

Things to Include in Your Survival Box:

  • Personal clothing for each person (for several days);

  • Hygiene items for each person including toothbrush, toothpaste, denture items, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner;

  • Food such as healthy snacks, tea, coffee, juice, bottled water;

  • Pet items, such as bedding, crates, carriers, pet food, pet snacks and any pet medication;

  • electronic charger (phones, kindles, laptops);

  • Personal medication (for each person);

  • Items for comfort such as pillows, blankets, towels, wash clothes and kitchen linens, including a hot pad. Don’t forget toilet paper and paper towels.

Do Not Pack Personal, Sentimental or Valuable Items

Items which are personal, sentimental or valuable should stay with you during a move. This could include your personal address book, family keepsakes, including jewelry or even expensive electronics.

Other belongings to keep with you are:

Important documents, such as lease, rental agreements, mortgage and deed paperwork, passports, IDs, driver’s license, insurance papers, vaccination records, medical records and reports, bank information, checkbooks, credit and debit cards, car titles. These important documents should also include and paperwork associated with your move.

Do Not Pack Unnecessary Items

I cannot stress enough the importance of downsizing your belongings prior to moving. Packing items that you no longer want or use is a wasteful use of space in your boxes and on the moving truck. It is definitely more costly to move the extra weight. Why not get rid of those things before you move.

Do Not Pack Hazardous Items

This is crucial to follow. You do not want to pack things that are combustible (flammable), explosive or corrosive in nature. The list of items that are included in this category is too large to innumerate here. However, using your common sense, the list of no-no’s would include things like gasoline, fireworks, fire extinguisher, guns and ammunition, aerosol cans, etc. Others have posted information on this subject. One such website is [], where there is a list of 52 items that are no allowed on moving trucks. A review of this list will be helpful for this situation.


Be sure to have your refrigerated and frozen foods in a cooler for transport. Do not pack these for the moving truck. Rather, pack them to fit into your personal vehicle.

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