Raise your hand if you have a fear of running out of toilet paper. [Just so you know, my hand is raised.] The store shelves are barer than during any given hurricane event. If you have lived in Central Florida for any length of time, you have been through watching people panic buying for hurricanes. I suppose in trying to understand the panic buyer’s mind, they must feel it is the last time they will see Items X, Y or Z and that without it, civilization as they know it will end. I purpose another approach: That is, the approach of conservation and innovation.


Conservation should be applied in when you do have a product and know there is a shortage of availability because the item is in high demand. Paper products are probably the hardest thing to come by today and certainly one that we have our entire world wrapped around (pun not intended LOL). What I am saying here is that common sense should kick in when you know you don’t have, let’s say, a six-pack of paper towels awaiting you in your cupboard. What in the world will you clean up that spill with? I say you try using sponges or even make some extra rags out of those old t-shirts, towels or sheets. My point is there are many substitutes that can be used.


On the other hand, you have the approach of innovation. Though it may be trite to some, I will go ahead and quote Plato here: “Necessity is the Mother of Invention.” Innovation is merely coming up with a new idea or method of doing something. What did our forefathers do before the invention of toilet paper? I’m not proposing that we return to no plumbing, outhouses and corncobs here. I am saying there are ways to work around the hardships if you stop and breathe for a moment and consider your possibilities.

If you were to go through your cabinets, I am sure you will find many products that you can substitute for the “brand” you are used to. One of the smartest things I have heard anyone say about the state of availability of products: “You can still get things you need; you just have to be more flexible about your choices.”


Senior citizens are already aware of what it takes to conserve and innovate, since they are already living on a fixed income. They know the fine art of “tightening their belts”, “lowering their expectations on life” and “altogether making ends meet.” There are lessons many others can learn from our senior citizens in this regard.

What I am talking about here is learning to budget. Budgeting money is only one aspect of budgeting. There is also budgeting the products you buy so they last as long as possible. That means, instead of using ten squares of toilet paper, see how few you can use and still get the job done. Same with paper towels. Same with soap or any number of products that seem to be in high demand today.

By the way, I want to applaud the super shoppers during this time. At the least, it shows we are a nation of clean people whose biggest fear is getting dirty.

I hope this blog finds you healthy and out of harm’s way.

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