One of the most common aspects of moving is facing the need to declutter your home prior to packing. Decluttering is actually one of the first steps to packing for a move. Prior to that, you will want to obtain a nice-sized stack of moving boxes so you can use them as receptacles for the items you intend to eliminate from your home. Label each of the boxes with one of the following indications: SELL TRASH, DONATE, and STORE.


From the beginning, know that a planner is a great purchase to help map out your decluttering and can also serve as a way to make you accountable to yourself to continue with the job. Within your planner, you will also want to outline where you intend to actually take your unwanted clutter. Some items, such as paint or electronics may take special care in order to discard of them properly

To begin with, designate an area where you can set up shop for the declutter project. This could be a corner in a room, a dedicated room or, if you have the space, a section of your garage.

If you have an enormous amount of stuff, which is prevalent when someone has lived in their present dwelling for years (sometimes decades) then you may be feeling overwhelmed by this task. At this point, it is best to compartmentalize your task into manageable sections of time.

If you are moving, you already know you have a deadline. In order to meet that deadline, its best to start the declutter task well ahead of time so that you can space it out. Take a few weeks of time and start with the kitchen (or bath) or wherever you choose to begin. The kitchen can be sectioned off yet again. Start with the pantry (where you store your dry goods and can goods) then move on to the dishes, pots and pans, appliances, etc.

In the bedroom, you might start with one dresser drawer at the time then move on to the closet shelves, hanging clothes and shoes. Any way you can come up with to divide your bedroom declutter task into sections will help you to not feel so overwhelmed.

When making a decision as to what you are exactly going to get rid of, consider the following list of items:

  • Outdated electronics

  • Clothing that no longer fits

  • Shoes that are worn and you no longer wear for whatever reason

  • Expired Anything (medications, make-up, food, etc.)

  • Unnecessary paperwork or documents

  • Extra cups, glasses dishes, pot & pans, cutlery and eating utensils

  • Old vases or bric-a-brac

  • Out-of-fashion costume jewelry and other fashion accessories.

  • Old toys your kids have grown out of

  • Old DVDs, CDs and Video games (careful here. Be certain you want to get rid of these things. You may want to consider storing them in a compact manner).

  • Books and magazines. (Ditto on the consideration above regarding the DVDs, etc.)

  • Old board games (especially if they have missing pieces).

  • Holiday decorations you that are worn out or no longer interest you.

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