Caregivers Are Also Vital Companions

Caregivers do so many physical things to make lives easier for those in their care. However, one of their most important roles is intangible - a companion. Whether it be a family member, friend, nurses aide or neighbor looking after an elderly person next door these caregivers play a vital role giving encouragement and love.

caregiver exercising with old man

Caregivers sometimes get so caught up in the daily routine of administering medicines, cleaning up and other routine maintenance that they forget that one of the most important aspects of their role is as a companion. The simple act of caring through conversation, hugs and smiles can make a huge difference in an elderly persons life, especially one that may be bedridden or housebound.

At Interiors for Seniors, we strive to be that temporary companion when we are doing a relocation. Many times we form a long-term bond with a client and continue to text and talk to them long after the move is over. What a reward when you return to a retirement community and go visit your friend. Being greeted with a hug and smile is so heartwarming and special. To know you have made a difference in another's life is important. One of our clients, Paul is a wonderful example of this. I often trade music with him via text, he is a fan of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and will send me wonderful scores to use while I am working. One never knows if they may be the only bright life in someone's life.

hugging couple

Here is a very good article detailing the importance of companionship in an elderly persons life.


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