Big Bucks Bingo! at Waterman Village

On Saturday, August 17, 2019, Interiors for Seniors headed out to Waterman Village in Mount Dora to take part in their Big Bucks Bingo Night!! What a great turn out there was, with so many players attending and anxious for the big prize. Each game had an increasingly larger prize. Starting out with $100 and ending with the grand prize of $500. The good news about the $500 grand prize for that night: NO SPLIT on the winnings.

bingo game

As the callers continued through the night they, along with the moderator, interjected jokes and quips that were a real hit with the gamers. They especially liked the joke about the 200 blonds that never called bingo, even though there were no more numbers and their cards were full. When asked why, they responded, “No one ever called Free Space.”

Big Bucks Bingo is sponsored by The Waterman Communities Foundation. “The Foundation [is], a 501 (c)(3) federally-approved IRS not-for-profit charitable foundation since 1989, [which] raises funds that directly impact the quality of life of those whom Waterman Village serves.” 

The Waterman Communities Foundation has continued to live up to the statement on their website:


In the past, this Foundation has contributed to such causes as funding for personal items and clothing for the Bridgewater Assisted Living facility located on the campus of The Oaks Retirement Community at Waterman Village.

By the way, The Waterman Village property is gorgeous, which includes nature trails. The Foundation has also sponsored a Nature Trail Restoration in order to keep the area in its pristine natural condition.

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Another of the Foundation’s worthy causes is funding The Waterman Village Brain Wellness Academy for Seniors which sponsors brain fitness classes and is open to the public. This is under the direction of Coleen Connolly, Waterman’s full-time coordinator. Their website states “A pilot program of the Brain Fitness Class was researched by Adventist University of Health Science, which found that the class yielded a significant increase in attendees ability to cope with positive feelings and diminish depression (the number one illness among seniors).” • Within this program, the senior who attended:

  • Learn how to improve brain function

  • Work on critical thinking, attention and memory

  • Discover the connection between diet and the brain

  • Learn how memory affects your mood

  • Practice creativity, language fluency and math

  • Develop relationships with other brain wellness participants

Missy Donaghy, owner of Interiors for Seniors, was one of the number callers at Big Bucks Bingo!. She also donated a beautiful dish garden, decorated with gnomes, for the raffle. Ironically, resident Frank, who was seated next to Missy, won the dish garden. Missy is well-known at the Waterman Village, having relocated many of their residents.

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