Have you been in search of the perfect moving gift for a loved one or a friend? There is a plethora of bric-a-brac that is suitable for a moving gift such as coffee mugs that that say “The Adventure Begins” or a beautiful candle that can warm up their new home. All of these types of gifts are perfectly fine. But if you are looking for a very special, personal gift, I recently did a little bit of investigation on moving gifts and came up with the following:



The first suggested gift I found really made sense. If you gift a person moving with a fitness tracker, it would encourage them to get up and about and explore their new surroundings. While out on their walk, they can meet new friends who are close by and most of all, stay healthy in the process.


If you are aware of the great benefits of smudging one’s home with dried white sage, you are already understanding this gift. If not, let me introduce you to this practice. Saging a new dwelling is an age-old Native American Indian tribal ritual that is used to cleanse a previous owner’s energy and give your new space a fresh start with only your energy. Recent studies have suggested this practice has scientific roots in that it has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties as well as the ability to repel insects.

“Scientists have observed that sage can clear up to 94 percent of airborne bacteria in a space and disinfect the air. When sage is burned, it releases negative ions, which is linked to putting people into a positive mood.”

You can purchase a bundle of white sage at most health food stores. You can also get a good idea of what items to include in a smudge kit or even purchase them already assembled on Amazon by following this link:

Adding a book about the history of smudging is also a nice added touch to this gift. Sometimes the pre-made kits also have an instruction manual that will give you this type of information as well as instructions on how to smudge.


This gift would be so great to receive. It seems like the perfect gift for ultimate home care. You can go wild thinking about what to include: paper products such as toilet tissue and paper towels, cleaning supplies, personal care items such as shampoos & conditioners, hand soaps and disinfectant wipes. In this time of Covid-19, why not include a few face masks as well.

It is really hard to say which of these gifts I wouldn’t want. They are all helpful and will show your thoughtfulness. Use your own imagination for finding gifts as well. Put yourself in their place when making a purchase. Mostly, stay in touch with your loved ones or friends after they move. This will be the greatest gift of all.

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