When moving to a new location, it is more likely than not that you are also planning to put your present home on the market. This means you would like to have an optimum amount of cash return on the sale. Preventing property damage will not only save you time and money, but will also make your home more marketable. Moreover, if you have already made a sale, you certainly don’t want to have to repair damaged walls, corners or flooring that could have been prevented. This lack of foresight would certainly mean more unplanned cash out of your pocket.

property damage

Here is a list of ways to avoid property damage

Moving Equipment: It is necessary to have the proper moving equipment to prevent property damage.

  • Moving pads

Great for moving heavy objects across a floor. The movers simply lift the furniture onto the pad then slide it across the floor. Minimal lifting for the movers and elimination of scratches and dents in the floor.

  • Dolly

Dollies are a mover’s best friend. They can eliminate the wear and tear on your body that can be caused by repetitive lifting and carrying. You can stack boxes or even move a refrigerator with a dolly.

  • Moving Straps

Dollies are not complete without moving straps. They are needed in order to attach the items you are moving to the dolly itself. Also, straps are great for keeping cabinet doors or drawers from flying open while moving them.

Moving straps are good preventative because if these items did happen to fall, they could potentially mar your floor or even your walls and door jams.

Floor and Carpet Protection

  • Door mats

Door mats at the doors leading in and out can help protect both your floor and your carpet. Open up some moving boxes and lay them flat across the main areas traveled on your carpet. You can also use old curtains, rugs or even sheets to keep the carpet clean during the move. This extra protection can save you the cost of a carpet cleaning.

  • Proper moving equipment (see above)

Corners, Wall and Door Frame Protection

  • Use some old cardboard or else large poster board to tape to your corners in order to prevent marring or scratch on the corners.

  • If you are able, you can also install corner guards.

  • Tape old blankets on the walls that are next to the moving areas to prevent wall damage. This is especially true of the well-travelled areas like the entrance foyer or going through the kitchen and out to the garage.

  • Foam padding or door frame guards will help to protect door frames

Be sure to measure your furniture prior to trying to shove it through a door frame. If it is too large, you should disassemble it as much as is necessary in order to get it through the door safely.

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