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AIR PLANTS ARE THE PERFECT PLANT FOR INDOORS. Interiors for Seniors movers are also so happy to see air pl;ants when it comes to a move. They are so beautiful and give us a great topic of conversation.

Though there are a plethora of species, there are about 18 types of air plants that are popular to grow inside your home. When properly cared for (depending on the specie) some of these plants will blush, putting on beautiful arrays of colors. Others will bloom at the peak of their lifespan, flowering once then soon die. Don’t be sad, because just before, during or after they flower (depending on the species) they will send out 2-8 “pups which are their babies and the whole cycle of life will begin again. All species eventually put out “pups.” This is the way they propagate (reproduce).

As a plus, these plants are resistant to pests and disease. They are also pet friendly.

I have found them to be sold locally at Lowe’s or through Amazon website. Here is list of names of a few popular air plants:

· Tillandsia Ionantha (aka “sky plant”)

· Tillandsia caput-medusae (aka “the head of Medusa”)

· Tillandsia cyanea (aka “the pink quill plant”)

· Tillandsia bulbosa (named after its bulb-like appearance)

· Tillandsia fuchsii v. gracilis (formerly known as tillandsia argentea)


According to FTD, LLC (aka Florists’ Transworld Delivery) “Although air plants don’t rely on water as much as traditional blooming plants do, they still need to be watered about once a week. Air plants absorb nutrients from water through their leaves instead of roots. To water, mist your plant so that it’s completely saturated with water. Every two to three weeks, fill a container with water and soak your air plants for 30 minutes.”


So just what are the benefits of an air plant in your home?

According to, Air plants are known to alleviate stress and help you to be more productive. In addition, they help in filtering and purifying the air you breath, capturing harmful chemicals and toxins. “With a ratio of 1 plant for every 3 people in your home, air quality can be drastically improved. In our day to day lives we encounter a shocking amount of toxins. Dust, bacteria, mold, and also man-made toxins created by plastics, paint, furniture, carpets, and certain cleaning products can be inhaled and cause respiratory illness. Air Plants will not only eliminate these toxins but also reduce the CO2 by 50%.”

Why not visit this link to see all the gorgeous ways that you can display air plants in your home.

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