Advice on How to Avoid Neighbor’s Complaints While Moving

Moving is stressful on your whole family, buy have you considered the stress it causes your new neighbors? Here are some simple tips to help you when you are moving.

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You may be happy and excited about your move, but what about your neighbors? It may be that you have a “crabby” neighbor that is intolerant of the noise or movement associated with the move. However, it is also understandable that that same crabby neighbor may not be crabby by choice. Rather, they may have a disability or illness that causes them to not be able to tolerate the bustle of the move as much as even they may like. In any event, it is wise to consider those around you while moving. You certainly don’t want to get off to a bad start with your new neighbors.


Though there are actually more things than time to consider, the time of day that one moves is important when considering neighborly good will. Moving in the middle of the night should be avoided at all cost. This is a time when most people are resting as we all know. Most people will be up and about during the day time, which is the best time for a move. Of course, your movers will want to make your move during the day, but what about those few boxes you of precious items you did not include in the mover’s load? Will your son or daughter be dropping them off, say after they get off from work? Just consider the noise level when attempting to move, whether it is day or night.


Also, remember not to block your neighbor’s movement to and from their home, so keep a check on where the boxes will be unloaded as well as on the vehicles used throughout the move so they are not in anyone else’s way. If you find it necessary to block your old or new neighbor’s path while moving then by all means let them know in advance what is transpiring so they are not taken by surprise. It may be that you may need a permit for parking during a move. This would need to be secured in advance of the move, of course. This would also include the use of an elevator, should there be one.

Courtesy is the key


Be sure to remove any leftover moving waste after the move. Check the grounds to be sure no one left a stray water bottle or power bar wrapper on the ground.

Another thing to keep in check is the noise level when organizing and decorating your new surroundings. Vacuuming, moving furniture or hanging pictures in the middle of the night is definitely a no-no. No one wants to awaken from a deep sleep by your trying to put up your “Van Gogh” on the wall at midnight! LOL

Lastly, a good way to spread good cheer is to have a housewarming party and invite your friends and your new neighbors over once you have settled in.


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