None of us thought the Covid-19 pandemic would last this long when it was first reported. But here we are, at the start of a New Year (2021) and we are still in the throes of social distancing. This factor has caused many to experience isolation for long periods of time. This isolation is no limited to one demographic group. Rather, it reaches throughout the entire population. However, due their high health risk, senior citizens are more isolated than ever before.


Here are some activities directed towards the 55+ age group that may help to alleviate the feelings and emotions that can accompany one who is in isolation.

Artistic Activities

  • Adult Coloring Books

There are so many beautiful and interesting adult coloring books on the market today. That, and the colored pencils that are available today, offer one the ability to complete a coloring page with a beautiful artistic rendition in vivid, realistic colors. The added benefit that coloring gives by improving one’s mood, relieving one’s stress and reducing one’s agitation makes this choice of activities not only a fun choice, but a healthy one as well.

  • Paint-by-the-Numbers

Though the first paint-by-the-numbers concept was patented in 1923, it wouldn’t surface as a product until 1951 when Palmer Show Card Company introduced this painting activity called Craft Master Brand. Modern Paint-by-the-Numbers sets today offer high quality and professional results on a vast array of subjects including classical art pieces.

Mind Games

There are many books available that have some fun mind activities. Those would include such things as word searches, crosswords and hidden object searches.

Traveling from Your Favorite Chair:

Most have access to the computer today. This gives one the opportunity to enjoy traveling right from the comfort of one’s own home. On November 18, 2020, Interiors for Seniors posted a blog on their website entitled Virtual Vacations: How to Enjoy A Fun Trip Abroad Without Leaving Your Home. Please refer to that blog for more ideas on traveling from your armchair.

Decorating Your Living Space Around the Year

There are many ways to celebrate life throughout the year. Why not choose a theme for each month and decorate your living space to change up your surroundings? On a much smaller scale, you could also purchase a bulletin board and decorate that for the celebration of your choice for each month. This would only take your gathering thumb tacks, old magazines and a handful of supplies from an online craft supply distributor or even Amazon. This activity requires planning which in itself can occupy your time and give you something to look forward to.

Create a Field Box

A field box would be a small box, perhaps a shoe box (though you could be more creative if you like. This box would allow you to have a place to put found objects of nature as you take your daily walk for exercise.

Don’t forget that you can also decorate your field box which adds yet another activity to your life.

  • Reading

Don’t forget to read. Make a list of the books you always wanted to read and start from top (or bottom) whatever, as long as you continue to read.

The main point to remember here is to stay alert and active and not allow your mind to give into the isolation. Hopefully, these activity suggestions will help motivate you towards a much more enjoyable day and year to come.

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