Throughout the ages, mothers (and grandmothers) have always been called upon to make sacrifices for their children in times of necessity. If you are a mother, you know that, of late, you have been called to the forefront for such a situation this past year (2021). Many mothers were either forced out of their jobs or else felt it necessary to stay home while their children were sequestered from the pandemic. This put most in the position of helping (above the call of duty) with their children’s education as well.


The U.S. Census Bureau states the following: “Around 10 million U.S. mothers living with their own school-age children were not actively working in January [2021] — 1.4 million more than during the same month last year, according to new U.S. Census Bureau data.”

To add to that, the Census Bureau also states “The 10 million not working accounted for over one-third of all mothers living with school-age children in the United States.” This fact shows the financial burden mothers have had to face. This is in addition to already being overwhelmed with keeping their children safe from the pandemic while trying to educate as well as entertain their children who are isolated from their friends and outside activities.

Many mothers had employment and were allowed to work from home. However, these same mothers, while able to earn a paycheck, were faced with the additional obstacle of juggling work duties while contending with having to be a “teacher’s assistant.”

In many instances, this acquired position of teacher’s assistant has been difficult for countless mothers (whether employed or unemployed). It has created roadblocks in their time and energy. This is especially true for those mothers who are not familiar with the academic subjects their children are learning and who are therefore not able to help their children with their studies without additional outside assistance.

Do not let all the above cloud your thoughts concerning the overall duties that a mother has always had when raising her children. If you are going to send well wishes to the mothers and grandmothers in your life this year, why not remember to wish them a calm and relaxing day. Not only so, but find ways to let them know how much you love and appreciate their tireless efforts. Why not find ways to make that so, and for more than on just one day, please? Rather, find ways to ease their burden throughout the year.

Thus, the challenges and obstacles that mothers have had to face this year are worthy of our taking an extra bow in gratitude for their sacrificial endeavors. Mothers around the world, we salute you.

Searching for something to say in your Mother’s Day card? Try writing this quote from Happyeventday.com:

“You are the cornerstone of our family. You are the unshakeable binding force of our family. I wish you a fantastic Mother’s Day.”

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