5 Tips to Help Your Aging Parents Move

The decision to relocate and downsize your aging parents can be a difficult one. Quite often, the adult children become responsible for the complete move and the last thing you want to do is be hauling heavy furniture from one location to another. Interiors for Seniors is a complete moving company that handles all aspects of our move.

The process begins when Missy Donaghy, a Certified Senior Move Manager, arrives at your current house for a free consultation. At this time she will do a walk through in your home and begin discussions of what you want to take with you and what needs to be donated, sold or passed on to relatives. What matters most is ensuring the easy transition for our parents. At this time, adult children sometimes elect to attend the initial consultation. Especially if there are complications with Dementia or Alzheimer’s it is advisable for an interested party to be present. Here are some tips to make the transition easier.

  1. If you live nearby, it is a good idea to help your parents downsize. Sometimes it is very difficult to throw away things yourself. Having a loved one help to sort through the many items collected over a lifetime can help ease this process. If you need an impartial opinion, Interiors for Seniors offers downsizing services. We will send our Downsizing Experts to assist you, they have been performing this task in Central Florida for over 10 years.

  2. Keep a dedicated notebook for all details of the move. I like to suggest a spiral bound journal or notebook with a wipe able front cover. This makes it easier for the elderly parent moving and the people assisting. With a quick look you can determine tasks to be performed and steps to perform them. Make sure to date each entry. Write down all telephone numbers and contact information so it is all gathered in one place.

  3. Consider renting a storage unit if there are too many items of sentimental value to part with right away. Sometimes taking an item out of ready view and storing it away will help the transitioning parent to assess what they really want in their immediate surroundings.

  4. On move day dress comfortably. Wear supportive footwear and comfortable, breathable, loose clothing. Hiring Interiors for Seniors means that you will do very minimal tasks, if any. You’ll still be navigating temporarily hazardous areas that could be cluttered with boxes and furniture, so you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible.

  5. Pack an overnight bag with toiletries, a change of clothes and a light non-perishable snack. Include any OTC medications or specialty equipment you rely on.

By planning ahead, you can make this move easier both on you and our relocating parent(s). With over 10,000 moves under her belt, Missy Donaghy will guide you every step of the way with expert advice and time tested suggestions.


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