5 Tips for your new move

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Moving can be overwhelming. Interiors for Seniors has made 1000+ moves and here are some of the most popular tips we give.

1. Floorplans of your new space

A floor plan may be the single most important thing you can have. It will tell you how much furniture you can fit and help you decide where everything will go before you step foot into your new home. Missy Donaghy, Senior Move Manager, will have a state of the art computer program to aid you in the floorplan design. During your consultation plans will be drawn up and discussed.

2. Decrease the amount of belongings

Take some time to sort through your belongings and give special items to friends and family. A yard sale is a great way to eliminate items and make some extra money for the move

3. Start with large items and work toward smaller ones

Starting with large furniture first will create a sense of progress for senior citizens. Itl makes it easier to sort smaller items later on, you will be clear what storage will be available in the new home.

4. Work on one area of the house at a time

Sorting through an entire house can be overwhelming. Break it up into smaller chunks by focusing on one part of a room at a time, then move on to the next.

5. Packing – let the movers take care of it

A professional moving company, like Interiors for Seniors, can set you up with a professional packing crew to help prepare your dishes, linens and furniture. Hiring such a team will make packing go by faster and your items will be safer as they are moved. Interiors for Seniors has a crew that has helped with the 1000+ moves since we began.

One very important tip that MUST be added at the end of this list. Make sure the company you hire is licensed and insured. There are many companies who try to operate under the radar and not comply with state regulations. You can feel confident in your move knowing that Interiors for Seniors is fully licensed and insured.


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