1.) Aquariums

Moving an aquarium can be at best difficult and time-consuming. It has been suggested that if you are moving a long distance, you should re-home your fish and buy new ones along with the aquatic plants once you have settled.

If you decide to move your current fish population, it will require special effort. Not only will you need certain supplies to move them, such as 5-gallons buckets and/or Styrofoam coolers, but if you have large fish, you may need a battery-operated air pump, especially if you are moving in hot weather. Please refer to our blog posted April 19, 2019, How to Relocate Fish, subheading Aquariums, which details how to properly move an aquarium.


Moving a freezer will require that you remove all food and defrost it prior to that move. Once it has been moved, you will need to let it “rest or settle” prior to plugging it back in. In fact, experts suggest that you leave a freezer unplugged anywhere from four to 24 hours prior to plugging it back in. Why do you need to allow the freezer to rest, you might ask? It is because the oils in the compressor have been shaken up from the move. If plugged back in too soon, it can compromise the quality of your freezer’s ability to operate properly.

Of course, after the “rest time-frame” is up, and you plug the freezer back in, you will still need time to allow it to reach a proper freezing temperature before replacing your freezer foods. This means you will need to have a place to store your current freezer items unless you decided to get rid of all of your freezer foods prior to the move.


Pianos are both heavy (in weight) and bulky (in mass). Of course, depending on what model of piano you own, this can vary. Moving a piano is best left to experts, since it will also need to be tuned once it has been relocated. (Please refer to our previous blog posted on November 22, 2019, How to Move A Piano).


Moving a pool table from one location to another can be a difficult task. Not only is it possible that you can break the slate top, but if not moved properly, they can become unbalanced. It is also one of the heaviest items you can move due to the slate top, with most weighing up to 1,000 pounds.

Experts agree that pool tables are not designed to be moved in one piece. Rather, you must remove the legs, felt, rails and the slate top. The task of disassembling one can take anywhere from one to two hours and up to six hours to reassemble properly.

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