11th Annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day

Today is 11th the annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day. Falling is the leading cause of non-fatal and fatal injuries among the elderly age 65 and up. This annual day brings to the public eye this sometimes overlooked aspect of aging. Tips are shared and posted online about prevention, including the way a home is setup to make navigation easier. Conferences are held for caregivers and medical personnel to educate through seminars and presentations the importance of learning these techniques to protect our precious elders.


There are some misconceptions about falling. Speak with your caregiver or medical professional about the truth regarding these ideas.

1. Many think "it wont happen to me" but statistics show in excess of 12 million falls occur each year.

2. I can prevent falls if I stay home or limit where I go.

3. My risk of falling doesn't increase when I take OTC or prescription medications

4. I don't want to become dependent on a walking aid.

This link provides some excellent information about this day.



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